GBLogo 2014-Synesthesia Lohr-9Gateway Burners is an organization created to foster radical self-expression, radical inclusion, participatory art, and sustainable community as well as encouraging civic responsibility through regional events, information sharing and education for the community in St. Louis and its surrounding areas.








Burn at the Fringe and at Artica!!!

Gateway Burners is mixing it up with the St Lou Fringe festival and the ARTICA festival.
GAS is awarding extra funds to display GAS funded projects at these other wonderful St Louis creative festivals.

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2014 Leadership announced!

The new Gateway Leads have been chosen for 2014 - Click here to find out who!!

Gateway 2014 Theme Announced!


As humans, we exist in a world that is completely decoded and individually interpreted by our senses - the touch of a lovers hand, a scent that reminds us of childhood, the melody of a favorite song… We tend to separate the senses and categorize them as individual experiences, focusing our attention on the one which, in each moment, dominates our awareness. At times we choose to ignore them completely. What if we removed the barriers from between our senses, experiencing each moment as the smorgasbord of stimulation that it has the potential to be? What if sight, smell, taste, touch and sound become one? What if we completely immerse ourselves in every layer of experience simultaneously? At Gateway Burn 2014, we will explore our sensational selves. Synaesthesia- When senses collide.

Art Grant Submissions Open!

2014 Gateway Art Support - Call for Art is now OPEN!

Are you an artist, maker, designer, crafter, performer, dancer, visionary, etc.? Then click here to submit your proposal for a 2014 GAS Art Grant! See the Call for Art here!

Extended!  Deadline: March 1st 2014