Gateway Burners is an organization created to foster radical self-expression, radical inclusion,
participatory art, and sustainable community as well as encouraging civic responsibility
through regional events, information sharing and education for the community in St. Louis
and its surrounding areas. The Gateway Burners are a regional chapter
of Burning Man and strive to follow the Ten Principles.


What is Gateway Burn

Click here to find out more about our event!

What is a Burner

Thanks to our friend, David Wraith at Sex Positive St. Louis, and dedicated Burning Man community member, Stacey Lindgren, click here to read a description!


2015 Gateway Burn Tickets Sales Are Closed

But, event registration is still open! If you have a theme camp, or not, and have some events planned, register  so we can post some info and such :)

Please check the Facebook event page for updates.

Updated MAP - not finished

2015 Theme Announced!

Woah, The Spaces We'll Grow!    - a burneresque parody of Dr. Suess

Art Grant Submissions Closed!

2015 Gateway Art Support - Call for Art is now Closed! - AV and CBP Closed as Well!

Thank you for the wonderful submissions! Congratulations to the funding recipients! We will update soon with a list of some of the proposed artwork.

The AV and CBP submissions are being reviewed.

 You can email your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Astral Valley and CBP Proposal Deadlines: are past, they are no more

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